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SVD48 servo driver firmware and motor data download address

The PC programming software is for windows 7, windows 10. Download it and unzip the file to where you like to your windows computers.

Download and unzip the file, you will get an .bin file, that is the firmware file and you can use the PC software to update the SVD48 drivers’ firmware to be lasted version.

uuMotor_48V50A_1100rpm is the presave motor data for hub motor KK5WS ,KK5WT, KK6156 and KK16 . It is need unzip , gettng an .json file and load to SVD48 driver via PC programming software.

ht-70nm-encoder-200rpm .json file is a pre set data of encoder hub motor SV8H15, please noted this motor is ok with kinds of wheels, named different model number.

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