programming 24-48v 40A close-loop control dual drive brushless controller


24v,36V, and 48V sine wave(foc) electric dual drive controller, it is close-loop control, which can control motor in low speed with high torque output. It is a new tidy compact powerful dual drive controller. It works for dual power EMB electric wheelchair motors too. Now we have upgraded the controller can auto read motors data by PC programming software to let motors easy to work with our controller.

There are two drive modes. 1. Speedmode(mode swith on): motor will always output high torque, the throttle is only adjust speed. And in this mode, the motors will be auto baked when there is no throttle single input. 2. Torque mode(mode switch off): this will like to drive a common electric bike, the throttle is adjust torque output.

When power on the controller, the controller will detect whether the mode switch is on or off to decide which mode it will control. The mode switch does not work during controller powered on, unless you re-start the controler power switch or battery switch.

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