programmable motor controller speed close loop 60V 50A UART function

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This 50A sine wave controller is ok to work with 24v to 60v batteries. You can adjust the current or voltage by proramming the controller data. Max continous current 50A, max phase current 120A. Multi control for the motors, like speedcontrol,torquecontrol.  With pure speed control, you twist the throttle and it feeds more voltage at the maximum current it can do.  With pure torque control, you twist the throttle a bit, and it adds more current, turning the motor harder.   You may refer to here the difference between speed control and torque control.

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Free USB programming cable! please keep in mind that this USB cable is not a common USB cable. Programming software download link is here

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1 review for programmable motor controller speed close loop 60V 50A UART function

  1. matthew.walder (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with this controller. It is similar to the MX-S-ES24 but it is much more robust and capable of bigger power and greater heat sinking. I have been using the MX-S-SW24 programmable controllers for many years and not a single one of them has ever failed even under tough conditions and at the limits of its specifications. The programming of the MX-M-ES60 is exactly the same as the MX-S-ES24…trouble-free and stable for me on Windows 10! The controller is fully programmable in speed mode and torque mode giving access to every aspect of current and voltage response. Furthermore, the controller learns the particular parameters of your motor’s windings and the hall sensor parameters too, which allows it to match power transfer in the best way. In RUN mode you get to see all operating values of current, voltage, torque and much more on your laptop in real time. Thankyou UUMOTOR I hope you keep making such good products.

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