60-72V sine wave 3000w-3500w brushless electric scooter controller

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60V,72V battery universal. max bus curent 80A, max phase current 240A. FOC. 60V 3000W motor controller, 72v 3500w controller.

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Weight2 kg
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110/50-6.5 road tire

1 review for 60-72V sine wave 3000w-3500w brushless electric scooter controller

  1. mitchell shaffer (verified owner)

    It doesn’t come with instructions. most controllers (across the web) don’t. which makes it very difficult from the start. I have it connected to a new 60v 3000w hub motor(no problem with this), with a new 60v-35ah lithium ion battery(3 days now) There’s a three speed switch. It goes fast in all three settings 30, 35, 40mph. (I don’t want it to) it drains my battery with large amperage capacity. Approximately 15 miles, usually within an hour(still counting the minutes to get it exact) I’d like to reduce the switching speeds lower. I can’t find out if that will solve the problem or it’s a wiring problem (phase wiring?) because Literally there’s no information about this controller on the internet. I’m experience with electrical wiring. when I have some kind of information regarding what I’m working with.

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