50A single controller to drive two motors

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A controller which can control two brushless dc motors, and we call it dual drive controller. The controller can supply 36V,48V,60V battery. max 25A current to each motors(0r 40A to each motor). At present, our dual drive controller is only ok to work with our electric wheelbarrow motors.

Controller has basic main functions like: reverse, 0-5V e brake, two gear speed and power lock. Which you will see at the following image.

This dual channel controller only can drive the motor forward and reversely, it is not ok to drive TWO motors turning left and right.

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1 review for 50A single controller to drive two motors

  1. Matthew Walder (verified owner)

    Hi, I bought one of these dual motor controllers recently and I have just finished testing it on a dual drive set-up with geared ATM motors.

    It is an impressive controller because it has some great functions like ebrake, which can also be a park brake. The soft start function is good for generating fine control of high torque at low rpm. For me this is useful when starting from standstill or on a hill or on boggy terrain and fully loaded. There are 3 forward speeds and a reverse switch which is low speed only, which is very handy for backing out of tight spaces. The self-learning function lets the controller work with lots of different types of motors.

    The main advantage of this unit for dual drive is the simplicity of a single controller for both motors instead of a separate controller for each motor.

    It is a very powerful and robust unit. Many thanks to the people who made this and thankyou UUmotor. Regards, Matthew

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