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How to convert trikke t12 to be electric

UU motor has sold a lot of 12 inch e bike conversion kits and some customer use it to convert Trikke T12 Roadster to be electric. And someone does not know how to convert T12 to be an ebike. Here we share What Mr. Kevin did.

1. Get the package from UU Motor

2. First I removed the original wheel.

3.I used a file with a flat edge after marking the dropout. The aluminum is easy to file so it doesn’t take very long.

3.Then just keep filing on either side to secure a snug fit. You could also use a hacksaw but I thought the file would be more accurate.I filed both dropouts at the same time to make sure they were parallel.

For the controller wires connection, you can refer to here:

If you also kit to DIY such thing, you can go our online store to buy a trikke t12 electric conversion kit.

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