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dual control of energy consumption,lead time delayed

Dear Customers, Due to the recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government, our manufacturing operation has been adjusted to “run for 7 days and stop 7 days”, and the production capacity is only half of that under normal conditions. We have tried our best to ensure the on-time production, but we […]

uumotor controller programming software download link

If you are looking for where to download uumotor programmable controller software, this page is the right place for you to get it. This page listed all the uumotor programmable controller’s PC programming softwares. controller model MX25V2,MX-S-SW24;MX650(MX-M-SW60) 2. sine wave cloose-loop controller MXES06050P(MX-S-ES24)-URT-RS485 3. cloose-loop dual control controller MXES-DT24 4. XD12KIT Wheelchair controller driver software